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Centre of the Universe

January 21, 2010
Huge Universe Between Minimal

My Brain is Centre of the Universe

 “Our home planet is present before us at this moment, likewise just at this time it is again submerged into the depth or the past from another place of space” In this way; there has been no incidence of present and future at all at any site of space, all are submerged into their respective depths of the past

In or under the circumstances:

 See wonder of universe such: Big bang, evolution, gravitational world’s, time dimension or history of the universe or space-time and physics or series of events or the structure of sketch of universe is the result from one site only such as own or from your location. That is to say; you are looking everything has creation from your location, likewise just at this time it is again far from 15 billion light years is the result of nothing creation in the universe. That is to say; we are looking huge universe, through that distant of first cause is near about 14 billion years yet that cause is in this place i.e. both place are same. Hence, we can take the decision; reflected power of brain is the result of present Universe or space-time and physics is the result in your life-time i.e. lifeless position is in the dark energy and on this place. Again, we can take the decision that the universe is huge yet that the case is between minimal and my brain is Centre of the Universe.

See the light- (a Multimedia-DEMO) through that encouraging the spirit of discovery and sharing of fundamental knowledge about the Universe and our place in its midst.

Evolution Universe

January 3, 2010
Evolution Theory of the Universe

The Structure and Evolution of the Universe

The changing function of everything in the universe is going on always. The present scenery was not similar with past and also will not resemble with the future, the present and past space-time energy absolute zero of absolute time. As per formula of evolution; going to the last border/boundary of everything of creation, it would be felt nothing except touch of nature power. In the finalization of matter there is nothing but energy or ray, so we can take the decision that “Everything of the present universe is the result of evolution of single energy of Power”.  (Log no- 2005-048)

 So, everything of the world of matter is the result of evolution i.e. everything at all always is changing in the universe. The changing function of everything in the universe is going on always i.e. everything of the real world is always evolving changing and by overcoming the steps of change come various faced physics.

 In or under the circumstances:

 The material picture of the present time shall not be detected i.e. the present scenery was not similar with past and also will not resemble with the future. There shall be figure of sketch of the universe at its difference from different locations, the exact sketch of which shall not be visible or shall not be possible to be adjusted. As an example it may be said that, for creating such a picture all the techniques, machine of all the processes of drawing or everything including books, pens and ink and computer systems shall be finished, but the drawing of the universe shall not be completed. Consequently, lawfully following above the picture is our impression i.e. Universe drawing not possible.

 See into-


January 2, 2010
Scientist Stephen Hawking

That the field of single dimension or nature how occurred?

Scientist Stephen Hawking clearly said in his research paper about the religious thought that, there is no limit in the place of this universe, there is no beginning or end of time and there is nothing that can be done by the creator. Again he said that when opened full work of creation, then we are known with God and mankind is share-hold of that knowledge.

Pensive it mentioned below the little serving as an example of my research result and see how our God is!

“At the time of beginning of the creation a part of the power of the nature became divisible as a result of the big bang” Again: “Everything of the world of matter including the present visible unit is the result of evolution”.

In or under the circumstances:

God means many instances such as; A source, Originating cause, First cause, Omnivorous, Nature, Single dimension, Super power, Black body, Big black hole, A black hole, Primordial black hole, Dark energy, Borders on the spiritual, Ultimate reality, Huge reserve of the natural force, Primordial whole and eternity present, Absolute zero space-time and physics. & so on. Yet, remaining a question may be arisen that the field of single dimension or nature how occurred?