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New Discovery of the Universe

May 18, 2011
Amazing facts about the Universe

Interesting facts about the Universe

From the time of the very auspicious inception of the civilization, mankind is continuing to find out the correct answer to the question about universe creation or creator. Aborigines have taking up the considerations of the causes by religious thoughts in different ways as consolations as there was no practical answer or solutions to the questions. Pensive it mentioned below the little serving as an example of my research results and see Interesting facts about the Universe, as I see its- New Discovery of the Universe.

Scientist Galileo looking- Earth is can’t center point of the Universe yet- I am looking Earth is center point from our location Albert Einstein looking- imagination is more important than knowledge yet- I am looking everything of the universe is dwelling on the sea of imagination i.e. everything of the Nature’s plan is the play of imagination Zoologist Darwin looking- we are evolution from sea-weed yet- I am looking everything evolution from single energy of power (1-D) Edwin P. Hubble looking- universe is expanding yet- I am looking expended velocity of the universe is going forward towards the critical radius Professor Hawking looking- there is no place for God in theories on the creation of the Universe yet- I am looking God is in physics Again, You are looking-  gravitational worlds, they are moving or changing the orbit with their all family members depending on the nuclear of each other yet- I am looking infinitesimal universe i.e. universe case is- in molecule You are looking- big space/universe yet- I am looking that the case is between the brains i.e. Brains or dark energy and reflected power of very brain is the result of this universe The most important tale is: History of the universe or case is early and imagination or Copy such like- Digital Universe Amazing facts about the Universe can be found at