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Birthday of Obama

August 4, 2010
Birthday of Obama

Happy Birthday to Barack Obama

“Location of oneself is the present and all other remaining places have dived inside the deeper parts of the past of all”. That is to say; Our home planet is present before us, likewise just at this time it is again submerged into the depth or the past from another place of spaceIn this way; see my funny example; just at this time i.e. August 4th 2010 is “Happy 49th birthday of you”yet same event or very moment, I am looking 1st birthtime of you. Because pensive in my place is another interstellar space earth through that distance is 49 light years. According to this formula; From the Earth, you are looking near about 14 billion years past location is event horizon. Yet from the event horizon, I am looking we are all in the event horizon i.e. just at this time it is again both locations are same. As I see it- Space-time and physics is the result in your life-time i.e. lifeless position is in the dark energy. Hence, today is- “Happy 49th birthday of you & your Universe” See into-

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