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New Educational Method of Astronomy Astrophysics & Cosmology

July 28, 2019

New Educational Method of Astronomy Astrophysics & Cosmology- Here is some key issues of my book is own my 4 theories through that Encyclopedia Astronomy & Astrophysics Education such as; Big Bang, Evolution, Gravitation and Time dimension theory. Find out- In full communications of physics, Sciences transcending boundaries, The Structure of Sketch of the Universe. Found 101 discoveries, People find out- Ultimate Reality of Philosophy is Wonder of Creation. Found Famous Scientists- Mistaken Discovery & Lawfully- It’s Now 100% Purified. Amazing facts about the Universe such as; same moment and same events are two occurrences, looking everything has again nothing everything. Looking Big Universe again it infinitesimal. We are everybody is the Universe and everything everybody is center point from own location.

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Its spread the cosmology, encyclopedia scientific theoretical data, figures and pictures those are innovation in global collaborative learning people real cosmology history. It’s most important for the world-wide people and generation for change the world. It fundamental education of real cosmology and it relevant to better civilization is highly needed.

See into- Power of Imagination or Faculty beyond Einstein: This information free for world-wide people- at:

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