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June 9, 2010
Birthday of Universe

Happy Birth day of your Universe

In the universe, there has been no incidence of present and future at all at any site of space, all are submerged into their respective depths of the past. Such as; “your place is present before us at this moment, likewise just at this time it is again submerged into the depth or the past from another place of space”

 In or under the circumstances:

 See- wonder of universe in your life-time such as; at this events or moment, we are looking everything has creation yet same event or very moment, from the borders on spiritual is nothing creation in the universe thorough that our universe is very early. That is to say- Just at this time, you are looking remote of black body is near about 14 billion light years from your location “yet” from the black body- it is again your location is in the black body i.e. just at this time- you are in her belly. Therefore, we can take the decision- both places are same and one site universe i.e. life-time universe, lifeless position is in the black body. Consequently lawfully, when your birth day and at that time is Happy Birth day of your Universe.

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