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Minimal Universe

February 22, 2010
Minimal Universe

A fundamental truth is huge universe between minimal

“Everything of the world of matter is the result of evolution from single energy of power” i.e. everything at all always is changing in the universe. Changing functions of everything in the universe is going on always. In this way; we are looking our universe age is near about 15 billion years i.e. huge universe. “Yet”

 Fundamental truth:

 Uphold the sketch of the present universe in the midst of mankind of the Universe. There is no denying the fact that it is possible to feel or assess it through the depth of our brain and nothing else i.e. no other means. Hence, it is crystal clear that our very brain is the only specimen or key of the Universe.

 “An individual respective very location is the present and the rest all the locations are of the deep of the past”. In or under the circumstances: both places are same, beginning of creation is on this place, dark energy or big bang or a black hole is on the earth. That is to say; life-time universe and lifeless position is dark energy i.e. reflected power of very brain is the result of visible Universe and yours very brain is Centre or key of the universe. That is to say; we are looking everything has creation yet same event or very moment, from the borders on the spiritual is nothing creation in the universe through that minimal.

 Consequently lawfully “The world as I see it” that a fundamental truth is huge universe between minimal.

 As an example of my research results: encouraging the spirit of discovery and sharing of fundamental knowledge about the Universe and our place in its midst