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Suite 101

February 16, 2010

In this manuscript have 101 theories

Conclusion: (Partial) from the book: Interstellar Space Earth

 From the time of the very auspicious inception of the civilization, mankind is continuing to find out the correct answer the questions of the thought of the nature, universe and world of creation. Aborigines have taken up the considerations of the causes by religious thoughts in different ways as consolations as there was no answer or solution to the questions. As a result of the progress of the civilization in the present situation, it became possible to find out the correct solutions to the questions about nature, universe and question about the creation in the majority of the cases according to the rules or provisions of science.

 According to theory with Glossary: (Partial) from the book:

 (Mentioned above in this book, most important index is “according to theory with glossary” in this manuscript have 101 theories. As I see it through that suite so see following below the few example theory is disclosed for the cosmology)

 02. Absolute dimension: All the visible things of the real world are comparable to the imagination of nature of absolute space in absolute dimension.

 08. Below 50%: The part of energy had been divided in the beginning of the creation from the large field of energy which is below 50% of total energy.

09. Big bang: At the time of beginning of the creation or from the absolute zero of time or from the big black hole a part of the power of the nature became divisible as a result of the big bang.

28. Distribution of power: The black holes have been created out of the continuity of distribution of power.

33. Everything is past: From the earth everything is past for us around the space and we all are in different locations of the past from any location of the Universe.

34. Evolution: Everything of the world of matter including the present visible unit is the result of evolution.

75. Power of brain: The last boundary of the depth of the past or the place from where the creation began, the real picture of the cosmic world will be found and it may be compared with the last boundary of the depth of our thinking power of brain.

76. Present time: Place of each in the space is the present time of oneself and everybody is at the location of the past of all.

88. Result of evolution: The result of evolution and motion of the spread energetic dimension is the visible scenery of the present Universe.

97. Today’s earth: Inside the universe, the environment situation of today’s earth is present before us but the same time outside the earth is the past of all.

101. Zero dimension: The future was originated at the big bang from the huge treasure at the zero dimension of time.

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