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January 4, 2010
Play of imagination.

In everything of the nature’s plan is the imagination

Above scene or word from Einstein yet as I see it in everything of the nature’s plan is the imagination.

 From the inception of imagination the very incidence of our intelligent mankind and from the very formula of imagination, there have been the expeditions of science viz. the start. With the improvement of imagination, the development of science is achieved and at the extremity of imaginative power came the result that everything of the universe is dwelling on the sea of imagination.

 Pensive it mentioned below the little serving as an example of my research result and see history of the universe or series of events or work of creation is the result of fully imagination:

 “An individual respective very location is the present and the rest all the locations are of the deep of the past”. In this way; in everything of the nature’s plan is the imagination i.e. you are looking everything has creation from your location yet, from the nature site is nothing creation in the universe through that imagination. That is to say; at this event whatever shall be received through imagination for any borders on the spiritual of the universe shall be vanished at this very moment i.e. nothing creation in reality viz. the realism is that really early universe or play of imagination.

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 Consequently, if you understand about the facts Strike the right note or put up to note sheet against my information.