Birthday of the World

Happy Birthday of My World

“Happy 52 Birthday to me & my Universe”

“An individual respective very location is the present and the rest all the locations are of the depth of the past

In or under the circumstances:

The Universe age is near about 14 billion years yet! I’m looking- my Universe age is only 52 years. Both location are same i.e. looking in the evolution- first case or big bang or dark energy is 14 billion light years past from the Earth. (Reversed) Just at this moment or event, from the 14 billion years past and in the evolution- again, the World as I see it- that the first case or big bang or dark energy is on the Earth. Lifetime Universe & Lifeless position is in the dark energy. History of the Universe is Early & Copy such like Digital CD i.e. Digital Universe at see a-DEMO

My birthday at 03/10/1959

Consequently lawfully- When my birthday and at the same day is- Happy Birthday of my Universe & Big crunch will occur for my Universe at the time of lifeless position i.e. lifeless day is big crunch of the Universe. Hence, I can take the decision- Today at 03/10/2011

“Happy 52 Birthday to Me & My World”


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