Sample of the Universe

Universe & Brin Cell

Brain of mankind may be brain cell the sample of the universe

In our thinking capacity, our brain is capable to store the eternal picture of the cosmic world and that is why the brain of mankind may be brain cell the sample of the universe.

  “Location of oneself is the present and all other remaining places have dived inside the deeper parts of the past of all”

 In or under the circumstances

 As I see it that topsecret theory such as- brain’s dark energy or reflected power of very brain is the result of this universe. Our home planet is present before us, likewise just at this time it is again submerged into the depth or the past from another place of space.  In this way; both places are same i.e. dark energy and bigbang on this place or omnivorous. Space-time and physics is the result in our life-time i.e. lifeless position is in the dark energy. As an example; In the evolution, looking near about 14 billion years past location is event horizon yet some one looking our place is event horizon if her goal is 14 billion years past. Consequently lawfully, we can take decision that our universe is huge yet between the infinitesimal such as brain cell.

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