Play of Imagination

Everything of the universe is dwelling on the sea of imagination

“An individual respective very location is the present and the rest all the locations are of the deep of the past”. That is to say: Location of oneself is the present and all other remaining places have dived inside the deeper parts of the past of all. In this way; as I see it, all the visible things of the real world are comparable to the imaginative of inventor of absolute space in absolute dimension i.e. in everything of the nature’s plan is the play of imagination.

Theoretie: In the universe, there has been no incidence of present and future at all at any site of space, all are submerged into their respective depths of the past. Such as; our home planet is present before us at this moment, likewise just at this time it is again submerged into the depth or the past from another place of space.

In or under the circumstances:

 At this event whatever shall be received through imagination for any borders on the spiritual of the universe shall be vanished at this very moment i.e. nothing creation in reality viz. the realism is that really early Universe. Such as; we are looking everything has creation yet same event or very moment, from the nature is nothing creation in the universe theough that imagination. Just at this time, we are looking remote of dark energy or black body is near about 14 billion light years “yet” from the black body- it is again we are in the dark energy. Therefore, we can take the decision- both places are same and one site universe i.e. life-time universe, lifeless position is dark energy. The most important tale is that: yours very brain is centre of the universe or reflected power of brain is the result of visible universe or huge universe between minimal so see that everything of the universe is dwelling on the sea of imagination.

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